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Auction Sites

Links to many online auction sites offering hiqh quality and, often, hard to find examples of first day covers. Many of these auction sites also provide details of prices paid at previous auctions which is a useful guide when considering new purchases or offering your own covers for sale.

Make sure you do your homework before bidding!

Online FDC Shops

It pays to shop around and online retailers offer good value and quality compared to online auctions. Although it is possible to pick up a bargain at auction it is equally possible to get caught up in a bidding frenzy. Shop around, look at the variety of covers available for an issue and get an idea of what is a reasonable price to pay.

Remember to compare like with like!

Albums & Accessories

Once you have purchased your albums it is important to look after them and store the properly.

The most popular way is to store them in specially made First Day Cover albums. They come in a a variety of sizes and colours which is useful for categorising your collection by type, theme or year, for example.

Specialist/Thematic Sites

Some collectors specialise in collecting cover on a particular subject, period or theme. For instance there are sites specialising in military covers, space and flight covers or what are known as thematics e.g. nature, transport, etc

Here you will find links to sites offering covers on specialist, thematic or niche areas or simply information about such covers

Clubs, organisations, etc

Find links to official bodies, clubs, organisations

Other Links

Stuff that won't fit in elsewhere

If you find any sites particularly useful or you think may be of interest to users of this site please let me know by emailing us. Thank you

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