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Benefits of Registering

Keep a record of your First Day Covers
Add a comment for each cover in your collection
Assign a valuation to each cover
Create a 'wants' list of covers you wish to buy
Manage, add and delete covers in your collection


myFDC Website

How to get the most out of it

1. View all GB FDC's

This site lists all Great Britain Commemorative and Definitive First Day Cover issues. It was created to enables users to maintain a record of their collection online. By paging through the lists you can identify which covers are missing from your collection and add them to your own wants list.

2. Create a myFDC Account

Keep a record of all your First Day Covers easily online. You can add and remove covers with a few clicks of the mouse. You can also add comments against each cover in your collection. For instance, you may wish to record details such as:

  • cover type: e.g. is it plain or illustrated, is the address handwritten or typed or blank
  • postmark: e.g. does the cover have a special handstamp relevant to the issue or does it have a circular date stamp
  • stamps: e.g. are they neatly aligned, are they phosphor or non-phosphor
  • condition: e.g. does it havany creases or tears, is it showing signs of age

You can add multiple copies of the same cover to your collection so that you can keep track of all your covers and their distinguishing features.

You can also add your own valuation of each First Day Cover which may be useful when considering insurance and may surprise you how much you would need should ything happen yo your collection and you wished to rebuild it.

Note: When creating your account we do not ask for any personal information. We do not know your name, address or telephone numbers of any of our users thus making your account as anonymous as possible. We do not ask for an email address, as this is requred to verify the integrity of the account request and as a way of protecting against any misuse of the site. The only other information you need to supply is a username and password to log on to the site which is unique to you. Passwords are stored encrypted within a database and are not held anywhere on this site.

3. Create a Wants List

Create a wants list detailing covers which you wish to add to your collection, either to fill gaps or replace covers which you already have but which you perhaps wish to replace with a better example.

This can be particularly useful if you are online looking at retail or auction sites and want to check whether you have previously identified a need to acquire a particular cover.

Again you can add comments against each of your 'wants'. You may wish to consider such things as:

  • Reason: Is it to fill a gap, replace a cover already in your collection or to add another example to your collection e.g. different illustrated cover or different postmark.
  • Priority: Collections are built up ove time and few of us have sufficient funds to purchase all the covers we see at one time. You may wish to give priority therefore to filling gaps in your collection, or you may wish to balance the cost of buying a particularly fine cover against not buying other covers for a while
  • Particulars: You may wish to add comments about particular types of cover and postmarks to look out for, or to remind youself what cover is already in your collection so that you can avoid duplicates.
  • Guide Price: Again if you have an idea of what type of cover you are looking for specifically you may also wish to set a guide price or maximum price you feel you should pay for a particular cover.


For details of where to buy covers and sources of guide prices and other First Day Covers visit the links page.

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