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About Us

myFDC is a fantastic resource for collectors and anyone interested in Great Britain First Day Covers.

It aims to provide details of every definitive and commemorative First Day Cover issued in Great Britain.

It currently provides details on 1436 covers and this figure increases every month as new covers are issued

This site is also aimed at collectors of covers who need a means of keeping a record of their collection. By creating a username and password and email address for verification registered users can quickly start updating their collection online. In addition they can add comments and their own valuations.

As well as keeping a record of what covers are already in their collection users can also create a wants list. Handy if you are visiting stamp fairs for instance. You can quickly check to see if that cover is in your collection or on your wants list. In addition, you can add comments against covers in your wants list, for instance you might want to note particular postmarks to look for or what would be a reasonable amount to pay for a cover based on recent auctions or on other sites you have seen this cover advertised.

myFDC currently has 531 registered users

myFDC also lets you know about recent issues and planned forthcoming issues

It also has a powerful search function where you can search by year or by subject word. Handy if you are a thematic collector.

The website has recently been updated to be accessible via any device and is now optimised for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets as well as laptops and desktops.

We hope you find the site useful.